Strengthening LGBTQI+’s
Voice in Politics

What is VoiceIt about

Discrimination still happens in Politics. The political representation and participation of the LGBTQI+ community is essential for the promotion of LGBTQI+ rights and policies but also
for the establishment of global equality. In this context, the European initiative VoiceIt aims
at increasing the participation and the direct involvement of LGBTQI+ individuals in the political decision making.

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Your VoiceIt…

If you are member of the civil society,
a state/government official or
a representative of political institutions,
stay tuned for
our LGBTQI+ Rights Information

If you are a LGBTQI+ individual or a member of LGBTQI+ organization, feel free to contact us to attend our LGBTQI+ Rights Empowerment Seminars

Any interested party can participate
in our Empowerment activities
(debates; electronic LGBTQI+ activism workshops, LGBTQI+ Activism, Technology and Arts workshops).

Project Partners




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